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Action Petz Dog Play Parks, Dog Day Care and Training Centres launched in 2014. We believe our business was the first of its kind in the UK.

At Action Petz, dogs can run free, play, jump, learn, socialise and have the time of their lives in a completely secure environment. We promise that you won’t get rained on inside our parks, and as for mud in our indoor parks… there isn’t any! For those fine weather days, our centres provide outdoor areas with paddling pools, sprinklers and toys where your pooch can safely enjoy the sunshine. Why not come along and visit us? In the meantime, you can read what our customers and the press have said about us so far.

Along with alleviating the worry of your dog running off or even going missing, our goal is also to provide a fantastic place for you to come and socialise with like minded dog lovers, whilst relaxing and enjoying delicious refreshments in our comfy and stylish cafes. Our centres also provide services such as Doggy Day Care, Dog Training Classes, Vet Services, Dog Grooming and Pet Store including our own brand: Jewell Pet Food.

Our Mission Statement

At Action Petz we deeply care about dogs of all ages, breeds and backgrounds. Because of this, our mission is and will always be to provide safe, fun and professional dog parks with the highest standards of care and attention to all our members and visitors.

We aim to give all dogs the opportunity to run freely and play off lead, whilst their owners receive the best customer service. Our continuous work, dedication and focus is allowing us to build a highly reputable and recognised brand in the dog world.

Our Centres



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  • A warm welcome upon arrival for you and your dog.
  • We meet and greet your dog. We will say hello to him/her and make sure they’re comfortable in our space.
  • Our friendly experienced staff will ask you to complete a comprehensive questionnaire about your dog’s temperament and history
  • We’ll check your dog’s vaccination record (you must bring this on your first visit) or call your dog’s Vet to verify your dog(s) is up to date with vaccinations/boosters.
  • We will carry out a temperament check on your dog to satisfy us that your dog is not showing signs of aggression. This can include stroking your dog, offering a treat/toy, meeting other dogs in a controlled manner.

You can expect this registration process to take at least 15 minutes (sometimes longer). Once completed we’ll show you around, explain to you the park rules and once your dog(s) has visited the toileting area, that’s it!

Your dog is now an official Action Petz member and is free to play, run, jump, make friends, do zoomies and generally have a brilliant time.


  1. To bring your dog’s up-to-date vaccination card on your first visit. 
  2. To be ready for our team to perform a temperament assessment on your dog.
  3. To understand and observe the Park Rules
  4. To have a great time!


At Action Petz we are passionate about supporting the fantastic work of animal rescue charities and there will always be a focus on rehabilitating and helping dogs without permanent homes, therefore our centres are completely free for dogs living in rescue centres or foster placements.

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