What is Action Petz?

First in the UK

Other countries have been successfully providing indoor dog friendly parks for many years. There are several reasons why Action Petz was started; one being that as long standing dog owners and lifelong dog lovers, we believe that all dogs should get the opportunity to run free off lead. Unfortunately, we are aware that there are many reasons why dogs do not always get this rite of passage. We believe that lots of dogs are just not getting sufficient exercise to keep them happy, calm and well behaved!

Purpose Built

Action Petz centres are purpose-built dog parks with both indoor and outdoor play areas that are lavished in high quality artificial grassand more tunnels, jumps and play apparatus than your dog could shake a stick at. There is ample room to run, play and socialise, all in a completely secure space. We encourage all dogs to toilet outside in a specified area but in the event of little toileting accidents, cleaning will take place straight away with non-toxic products to keep the park fresh and clean.

Separated areas for small dogs and puppies

All our parks have sectioned and separated areas for small, young or shy dogs that prefer to play with dogs of the same size or age. These areas are equipped with toys, tunnels, ball pits and fresh drinking water to ensure your pooch has lots of fun. At quieter times, we can cater for dogs that need special attention such as dogs that need training and/or rehabilitation.

Action Petz Puppy

Freedom Parks: a haven for dogs that need space

As well as the main indoor park we also have Freedom Parks; which are either indoor or outdoor and are smaller versions of our main park that cater for all those pooches that aren’t confident enough to be around other dogs and need space. The Freedom Park can give dogs that don’t normally go off lead a chance to have fun, run and let off steam in a safe environment.

Action Petz Freedom Park


Our cafes are the most popular meeting point for all our customers. You can enjoy refreshments from our selection of sweet and savoury snacks as well as hot and cold drinks in the company of your dog.

The cafe

Outdoor Area

During fine weather we encourage use of the secure outdoor areas where there will be paddling pools, sprinklers, outdoor toys and even ice-creams for dogs and humans!

Outdoor section of Action Petz

Doggy Day Care

Action Petz Doggy Day Care is a fun, safe and structured environment for your dog to play, exercise and socialise all day whilst you work, shop or run errands. Our day care facility is supervised and run by experienced staff with Canine Practitioner qualifications, Dog First aid and one common love: dogs!

dog Training

Our trusty, experience and knowledgeable team of Dog Trainers offer their training expertise here at Action Petz. If you are looking to train your dog or resolve a behaviour issue this service could make a difference to you and your dog’s life.

Dog Training Action Petz

Shelley Redding - MD and Founder of Action Petz

Shelley Redding Action Petz

Hi there, my name is Shelley; I am the founder of Action Petz Limited. I’ve had a successful career to date, in the early days working in hospitality and retail, then later in the field of health. I have owned several businesses previously and ever since I can remember, I have wanted to combine my love for animals and my entrepreneurial spirit. I have lifelong experience in animal handling and also care, compassion and drive by the bucket load!

I see my role in Action Petz as the engine behind the company, driving it forward and ensuring that we never lose sight of where and why this venture was started. The starting point for Action Petz came from one single question… How can I make life better for animals? That question opened the flood gates and I knew at that point I would never look back. The future success of Action Petz will be owed to sincerity and unwavering belief in its concept.