The cost effective way to fulfil your dog’s needs when you are out. To find out more about the kind of day your dog will have, call us on 01656 724846

Why Choose us?
Convenience of course! We are open 7 days a week and operate a pick up service from Cardiff to Doggy Day Care Monday to Friday.

Integrity Maybe?
We pride ourselves on maintaining a consistent approach to the dogs in our care. We have strong morals and believe firmly in positive interactions and force free guidance and boundaries. We apply these values to each and every one of our customers and their dogs. We believe that we are Advocates for our Canine guests and ensure that they have a fun, relaxed and enriching day.

Trained and experienced team?
Yes and Yes! All of our team are qualified K9 First Aiders. We have three Dog Trainers and Two Behaviourists on hand to continuously improve our furry friends’ experiences. All of our staff are well versed in Canine body language and interactions. Providing both mentally and physically stimulating activities and a structured day for our Day Care Dogs

The Action Petz Effect?
Fun, attentio, play time in a structured and caring environment, because your pooch deserves the best Action Petz Bridgend Doggy Day care is the place to bring your dog for Day Care while you work, shop or run errands.

Our professional team of Canine Practitioners will look after your Dog in our Day Care facility while providing a secure, enriched and loving environment, as a result, you can expect to leave your dog with us knowing that he/she will be in great hands and when you take them home, they will be calm and relaxed and ready to snore the night away!

Why don’t we take them out into public areas?
We want to ensure that all the dogs who visit our Doggy Day Care enjoy themselves and can relax in a safe and secure environment. In public areas and fields we cannot guarantee the safe actions of other dog owners, nor the suitability of other dogs as play mates. How many times do you hear about unsociable dogs being unfriendly towards off lead dogs in parks and fields? All dogs using our Doggy Day Care are assessed and have attended a half day trial before being allowed to stay. .

Opening Times and Prices
Monday to Friday (8 AM – 6 PM): £17.50 per dog, additional dog (same house) £12.50

Saturday and Sunday 10 AM – 4 PM: £20 Per dog

Registration and written assessment: £7.50 per dog. Trial day: £12.50 per dog.

Please note: dogs must be registered and assessed prior joining our Day Care, upon successful completion of your dog’s written assessment, you are required to book your dog for a trial day with a duration of up to 5 hours.

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Unit 1, St. Theodore’s Way.
Brynmenyn Industrial Estate.
Bridgend, CF32 9TZ.

01656 724846

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