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Action Petz Bridgend Dog Park Day Care Boarding Dog Training

Action Petz Bridgend welcomes you! In here you can read about our Indoor and Outdoor Dog Park, Doggy Day Care, Dog Boarding, Dog Training and much more!


Action Petz Bridgend is located just 5 minutes of the M4, and within easy road access from Swansea, Neath and Port Talbot. Our centre is the hub for all things dog!

Action Petz Bridgend encompasses secure indoor and outdoor play areas, a small dog play area, a comfy cafe for pooches and owners to enjoy a snack, outdoor paddling pools and plenty of jumps, toys and tunnels to keep your dog entertained and exercised. 

In our Play Park dogs play, exercise and socialise off-lead. Our indoor and outdoor play arenas are fully secure; therefore, can rest assured your pooch will never run away too far!


Action Petz Bridgend Dog Park Day Care Boarding Dog Training

Fun, cuddles, play time in a structured and caring environment, because your pooch deserves the best Action Petz Bridgend Doggy Day care is the place to leave your dog while you work, shop or run errands. Our professional team of Canine Practitioners will look after your pooch while providing a secure, enriched and loving environment, as a result, you can expect to leave your dog with us knowing that he/she will be in great hands. 

  • Opening Times: Monday to Friday (8 AM – 6 PM), Saturday and Sunday 10 AM – 4 PM.
  • Prices: Monday to Friday cost: £17.50 per dog and day, £12.50 for second and consecutive dogs living in the same household. Saturday and Sunday cost: £20 per dog and day. Registration and written assessment: £7.50 per dog. Trial day: £10 per dog.
  • Please note: dogs must be registered and assessed prior joining our Day Care, upon successful completion of your dog’s written assessment, you are required to book your dog for a trial day with a duration of up to 5 hours. 
  • Bookings and enquires: please ring us on 01656 724846.


Action Petz Bridgend Dog Park Day Care Boarding Dog Training

Our training classes are designed to give you all the tools you need to build a great relationship with your dog, provide your pooch invaluable skills and avoid future behaviour problems. In addition to this, all training classes at Action Petz Bridgend use the latest techniques on force-free training, therefore giving you that much-needed peace of mind of knowing your pooch and you are in the right hands.

Puppy Classes

Teach your dog 10 basic behaviours and learn correct socialisation and play.

  • Duration: 6-week rolling courses. 
  • Price: £70 per dog. 
  • Times: Mondays at 6.30 PM, Tuesdays at 6.00 PM and Thursdays at 6.00 PM.

Building the Bond

This course is perfect for those dogs who suddenly go “deaf” and for dog owners wishing to strengthen the bond that they have with their dog.  This course is particularly good for improving recall and engagement.

  • Duration: 4-week fixed term course. 
  • Price: £50 per dog. 
  • Times: Wednesday Nights at 6 PM or Saturday mornings at 10 AM.

Obedience Classes

Perfect to remember “good manners”, reinforce good behaviours and learn more. This is a fun, interactive and supporting course covering 2 levels in which your dog will learn 22 behaviours.

  • Duration: 6week rolling term course. 
  • Price: £70 per dog. 
  • Times: Thursdays at 7 PM.

Recall and Loose Lead Walking Course

This course covers all the essentials and much more in relation recall (getting your dog to came back to you) and loose lead walking. Perfect for those dogs who like to take their owners for a walk and those who go “deaf” when distracted!

  • Duration: 4week fixed term course. 
  • Price: £50 per dog. 
  • Times: Saturdays at 9 AM.


Masterclasses are a one-off training session that intensively cover 1 training issue, usually we deliver “No Jumping Up”, “Recall” “Calm and Controlled” and “Loose lead Walking”. 

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Price: £25 per dog. 
  • Times: Please check our Facebook Page for upcoming masterclasses.

We also offer:

  • One to one training: one hour sessions starting at £35 per hour. 
  • Behavioural consultations: one hour sessions starting at £45 per hour.
  • Canine First Aid Training: a full professional qualification valid for 3 years. Price: £55 per person.


Action Petz Bridgend Dog Park Day Care Boarding Dog Training

Action Petz Bridgend hosts regular events and parties for our members. These include Halloween, Christmas parties as well as breed-specific events and more! In addition to these, we have also successfully hosted a great number of private events for local charities, dog birthday parties and private children’s parties.  If you’d like to book your event at our centre, please click here to contact us.

If you can’t wait to know which events are being hosted at Action Petz Bridgend, please click here


Action Petz Bridgend

Why settle for kennels when your perfect pooch can have a holiday of their own with us?

The 24-hour Doggy Holiday dedicated staff are here at your dog’s disposal to dish out hugs, kisses and games. Our 5-star accommodation is all indoors and our canine guests get access to Doggy Day Care and the play park.

When we close to the public, these lucky hounds get full use of the whole facility plus endless cuddles. After a whole day of playing, socialising and excersice your pooch will be ready to go to bed; and because we’re as nutty about your dogs as you are… we’ll even read them a bed time story!

We offer a very personalised service, so spaces are limited. Don’t miss out; book early and give your dog the holiday of a lifetime.

We can cater for one night to several weeks. Our prices are based on 24hrs and arrival times are flexible.

Our nightly rates start at £27.50 which includes access to day care and the play park.

If you need a little bit more help with your pooch, we also offer residential training and behaviour modification.

Give us a call today on 01656 724846 to book your dog’s next holiday and discuss any questions or requirements you might have. 


Unit 1, St. Theodore’s Way.
Brynmenyn Industrial Estate.
Bridgend, CF32 9TZ.

01656 724846

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And remember: please bring your dog’s up-to-date vaccination card on your first visit to Action Petz Bridgend!


New members! Please don’t forget to bring your dog’s up-to-date vaccination card. And please remember to read our park rules!