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All of our Dog Training Classes are designed to give you all the tools you need to build a great relationship with your Dog, provide your Dog invaluable skills and avoid future behaviour problems. Our Dog Training is rooted in scientifically proven Training and Modification methods based around positive reinforcement techniques and force free guidance.

Puppy Classes
For Puppies from Full Vaccination. Learn 10 basic behaviours and valuable dog to dog social skills. We will teach you about appropriate and healthy play and when to interrupt, helping them to become well rounded, well mannered and confident individuals

Duration: 6-week rolling course.
Price: £75 per dog
Time: Mondays at 6:30pm.
Tuesdays at 6:30pm
Thursdays at 6.00 PM.

Dog Obedience Classes
Learn 22 Behaviours and gain level 1 or level 2 obedience achievements. This Dog Training Course involves individual and group participation in a fun, supportive and inclusive course. Perfect for older Dog Training, Dog Obedience beginners and for those who really want to challenge their adolescent or adult Dogs

Duration: 6–week rolling course
Price: £75 per dog.
Times: Thursdays at 7 PM.

Both the Puppy Training Courses and the Dog Obedience Courses are rolling courses and are incredibly flexible meaning that if you need to skip a week, you don’t lose the lesson. You will always receive 6 lessons. Terms and Conditions apply.

Building the Bond
This course is a perfect Dog Training course for those dogs who suddenly go “deaf” and for dog owners wishing to strengthen the bond that they have with their dog. This course is particularly good for improving recall and engagement and for helping a rescued dog to bond with their new owner.

Duration: 4-week fixed term course.
Price: £50 per dog.
Times: Wednesday Nights at 6 PM

Recall and Loose Lead Walking Course
This Training course covers all the essentials for achieving great Dog Recall. We include Loose Lead Walking in this Dog Training Course and it builds a positive association with being close to the Dog Handler with the added bonus of your Dog learning to walk nicely on a lead. The Perfect Dog Training short course for those dogs who like to take their owners for a walk and those who go “deaf” when distracted!

Duration: 4–week fixed term course.
Price: £50 per dog.
Times: Saturdays at 9 AM.

Dog Training Masterclasses
Our Dog Training Masterclasses are a intensive, one-off training session which cover a specific Dog Training issue, usually we deliver “No Jumping Up”, “Recall” “Calm and Controlled” and “Loose lead Walking”.

Duration: 2 hours.
Price: £30 per dog.
Times: Please check our Facebook Pages for upcoming masterclasses.


One to one Obedience Training
These Dog Training sessions are private, one hour classes which we can use to focus on a specific Obedience type behaviour. Our Indoor Dog Park is the perfect place to really challenge your dog’s focus in a training scenario.

Prices: From £50 per hour

Dog Behavioural Consultations
Our Behavioural assessments and Behaviour Modification programs are really effective in changing your dog’s psychological responses to stressful or negative stimuli. If your Dog is barking and lunging at other dogs, snarling at people, suffering from separation anxiety, trashing your house, snapping and nipping, just get in touch.

Prices: From £80 per hour

Canine First Aid Training
This is a comprehensive Canine First aid course which is a full professional qualification valid for 3 years.

Price: £55 per person.

Growly Petz Course
This behaviour modification course is for those dogs who are reactive to other dogs or have difficulties when meeting other dogs. We use positive and force free techniques to change your dog’s psychological response to seeing other dogs. We change negatives into positives in a supportive and caring setting.

Price: £155 per dog
Duration: 4 weeks plus a consultation
Times: Please check out our Facebook pages for upcoming courses


Action Petz Bridgend hosts regular events and parties for our members. These include Halloween, Christmas parties as well as breed-specific events and more! In addition to these, we have also successfully hosted a great number of private events for local charities, dog birthday parties and age specific parties. If you’d like to book your event at our centre, please click here to contact us. If you can’t wait to know which events are being hosted at Action Petz Bridgend, please click here


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