Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve read everything about Action Petz, the Park Rules and you are (almost) ready to Sign Up, but you still have a question. That’s great! We have gathered below a list of our most frequently asked questions, however, if yours is not on the list, please feel free to contact our centres and a member of the team will be happy to have a chat with you. 


Below is what you can expect to during your first visit to our centres

  • A warm welcome upon arrival for you and your dog.
  • We meet and greet your dog. We will say hello to him/her and make sure they’re comfortable in our space.
  • Our friendly experienced staff will ask you to complete a comprehensive questionnaire about your dog’s temperament and history
  • We’ll check your dog’s vaccination record (you must bring this on your first visit) or call your dog’s Vet to check your dog(s) is up to date with vaccinations/boosters.
  • We will carry out a temperament check on your dog to satisfy us that your dog is not showing signs of aggression. This can include stroking your dog, offering a treat/toy, meeting other dogs in a controlled manner.

You can expect this registration process to take at least 15 minutes (sometimes longer). Once completed we’ll show you around, explain you the park rules and once your dog(s) has visited the toileting area, that’s it!

Your dog is now an official Action Petz member and is free to play, run, jump, make friends, do zoomies and generally have a brilliant time.


  1. To bring your dog’s up-to-date vaccination card on your first visit. 
  2. To be ready for your team to perform a temperament assessment on your dog.
  3. To understand and observe the Park Rules
  4. To have a great time!


No, there’s no need to book to come and use the Play Park.  Just turn up during our opening times. For Doggy Day Care, Training Classes, Dog Grooming and Vet services, booking is essential.

Our opening times are the following:

  • Monday-Thursday: from 8 AM to 8 PM.
  • Friday: from 8 AM to 6 PM.
  • Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays:  from 10 AM to 4 PM.

You’ll need to bring your dog’s up-to-date vaccination card; you won’t be able to register without it. All dogs are required to have a full course of inoculations plus annual boosters. Kennel cough vaccine in not compulsory, vets do recommend it; however, this is owners choice.  In addition to this your dog must be in good health, deflead and dewormed. We also recommend you carefully read our Park Rules and accept our Terms and Conditions.

Yes. Intact males and bitches are welcome in our park, however:

  • Bitches in season are not permitted.
  • Intact males displaying exuberant behaviours such as mounting and excessive marking, will be asked to visit the park at quieter times. 

No. Our Park Rules indicate that, for health and safety reasons, if your dog is still recovering from surgery or injury and has stitches/bandages we won’t allow him/her to visit. Action Petz is a dog park in which dogs will be running at high speeds and interacting with each other; this means that there’s a chance -albeit small- of a stitch coming out or the wound getting infected. You must wait until your vet gives your dog the all clear to visit the park. For bandages the same principle applies.

At Action Petz we do our very best to welcome everyone. During your first visit we will get to know your dog  and ask you to complete a temperament questionnaire about your dog. If your dog has any behaviours that are deemed as unsafe/innapropiate for the park environment we can devise a plan for a safe introduction to the park area. This may involve referral to a specialist behaviourist and we may advise that an indoor park environment at this stage is not the best place for your dog.

Our Doggy Day Care is a fun and stimulating service that your dog will absolutely love!

During his/her time with us your pooch will be able to socialise, play and interact with all kinds of dogs (puppies, seniors; tiny ones, big ones) in a supervised, caring and structured environment. If you decide to use this service your dog will have to be assessed by a senior member of our team in order to determine if he/she is suitable for our day care environment.

To book your dog for a Day Care assessment, please ring your preferred Action Petz centre and ask a member of our team to guide you through our assessment process. 

We encourage every owner to make sure their dog uses our outdoor toileting area before using the indoor park. If your dog toilets inside we have cleaning stations dotted around the park with all the necessary items to remove any traces of wee or poo. You must make every effort to train your dog to toilet in the outside toileting area only. We use non-toxic enzymatic cleaners to remove any bacteria, viruses, smells and stains; we also provide our visitors with poo bags and hand sanitiser.

Please note that during your visit you’re entirely responsible for picking up and cleaning after your dog, if this presents any difficulties do not hesitate to contact a member of our staff.

As little or as long as you want! There’s no time limit for play sessions. For first-timers we always recommend a visit not lasting more than 40 minutes as the park can sometimes be a very stimulating environment for newcomers. For puppies, senior dogs and dogs recovering from injuries we do not recommend more than 20-30 minutes per visit.

Some of our parks would benefit from some further modification regarding disabled toilets and ramps. We aim to ensure all of our parks are fully accessible. Please contact your preferred park to discuss access, we are happy to help. Here are the contact numbers for you: Bridgend: 01656 724846, Newport 01633 282221

In order to provide a free service for all dog living in foster placements we will need to check (via documentation or direct contact with the rescue centre) that you’re current a foster dog carer.

Please bring proof of vaccination and expect us to talk to you about your foster dog’s temperament and level of sociability before you are permitted entry to the indoor park.

Yes. However,  children must be extremely closely supervised by their parents/guardian at all times.

Please remember we are a dog park and more than likely there will be dogs of all sizes running around at high speeds; at busier times it may become a dangerous place for children. Some centres have a designated children’s only area with toys and books in which your children can spend their time and have fun while your dog exercises.

Any child under the age of 14 years may be asked to remain in the cafe/children’s or safe area at busy times. At less busy times, children are permitted into the dog park however they must stay in very close proximity to a parent or guardian, never on their own and they’re not allowed to play/jump on the agility kit or main park apparatus. The presence of children in the dog park is risk assessed, please be aware that a member of staff may request your child/children to leave the main park and move to the safety of the cafe area at any time.

At Action Petz we like to keep the conversation flowing and will always do our utmost best to ensure you and your dog always have a positive, fun and rewarding experience at our centres. If we, however, are not to your expectations and wish to give us feedback, please e-mail us here. If you wish to raise a complaint please fill out our Complaint Form and email us said form here. Our team will address your suggestion/complaint within 3 working days and we will contact you to ensure there is a satisfactory resolution.